The enduro outfit of the KTM 690

KTM 690 SMC to KTM 690 Enduro convert guide

KTM 690 SMC in the sunset
KTM 690 SMC in the sunset

This is a guide and tutorial of how to convert the KTM 690 SMC to a KTM 690 Enduro.

The following parts has been purchased to be mounted.

  • KTM 690 Enduro front wheel complete 1.85*21
  • KTM 690 Enduro rear wheel complete 2.50*18
  • KTM 690 Enduro-distances matching front & rear hub to the  rims above
  • KTM 690 Enduro underbody protection (the original plastic engine cover)
  • Rear tire Maxxis IT Maxxcross 120/100-R18
  • Front tire Michelin S12 90/90-R21
  • Maxxis X-thick tube 80/100-R21
  • Maxxis X-thick tube 100-120/100-R18
  • Rim & tire flaps for front and rear wheels

Some picture of the convert from SMC to Enduro:
(click the picture for a larger version)

Enduro wheels
Enduro wheels
KTM 690 SMC & Enduro wheels
KTM 690 SMC & Enduro wheels

Removing the rear wheel on 690’n was really easy. Just deattach the screw to the wheel axle and take of the rear wheel. After removal of the rear wheel move robber dampers with associated rear hub over to the Enduro Rear wheel.

KTM 690 rear brake disc
KTM 690 rear brake disc

Removal of rear brakedisc from SMC wheel to the Enduro wheel.

mounting ktm 690 rear enduro wheel on ktm 690 smc
KTM 690 rear enduro wheel

With brake disc and sprocket mounted on the enduro wheel, the complete enduro wheel was mounted back on the ktm 690. The same bushing is used on the SMC and enduro wheels so it was easy to install and mount the enduro wheel on the smc.


Disassembly of ktm 690 smc front wheel
Disassembly of front wheel

Removing the frontwheel was easy. Remove the front wheelaxel screw and loosen the four screws that holds the wheel axle in place.

Front brake disc on the ktm 690 smc wheel
Front brake disc

Disassembly of the front brake disc from the ktm 690 smc wheel.


Front brake disc
Front brake disc
Front brake disc adapter 10mm thick
Front brake disc adapter

On the ktm 690 smc wheel there is a front brake disc adapter with a thicknes of 10mm, this adapter is used to get the brake disc out/away from the front rim. This adapter needs to be moved over to the enduro wheel or else the spokes on the front wheel will scratch against the brake caliper.

Test mounting of enduro front wheel
Test mounting of enduro front wheel

After mounting the brakedisc on the enduro front wheel the complete enduro wheel mounted on the ktm 690. It showed as seen on piucture that the SMC fork is wider. It was a total glap of 5 mm on each side of the fron wheel bushings.

SMC and Enduro bushings
SMC and Enduro bushings

SMC bushing to the left and enduro bushing to the right. On each side of the wheel there is two identical bushings mounted.

SMC bushing mounted on the ktm 690 enduro  wheel
SMC bushing mounted
SMC bushing mounted with no play at all
SMC bushing mounted

After the ktm 690 smc bushins was mounted on the enduro, perfect fit and no play at all.

Home made 2mm bushing from smc front wheel bushing
Home made bushing
Home made bushing mounted on the enduro wheel
Home made bushing mounted

Next concern was that the brake caliper and the sprockets was scratching against each other, thats because the smc brake disc has a larger diameter and results in that the brake caliper is mounted closer to the sprockets on the front wheel. To solve this concern I mounted the front bake disc 2mm away from the front wheel fork and original bushing with help of a 2mm homemade bushing.

Front enduro wheel with home bushing and spacers of a 2mm thickness.
Front enduro wheel mounted

After mounting the home made bushing and 2mm spacing between the brake disc adapter and the brake disc the free play was OK. Now the enduro can spin without the brake caliper and the sprocket is scratching each other.

KTM 690 with enduro wheels mounted
KTM 690 with enduro wheels
KTM 690 with enduro wheels mounted
KTM 690 with enduro wheels mounted

KTM 690 SMC with enduro wheels mounted and engine cover plate.

KTM 690 Enduro ridning
KTM 690 Enduro ridning
KTM 690 SMC on the race track
KTM 690 SMC on the race track

After some test riding and adjustment of the front and brake shock/dampers I now have to bikes in one, one street bike and one offroad bike to ride on the dirt roads and enduro tracks.

More pictures on my KTM 690 project can is viewable on my flick page »

house ground

Concrete slab for Villa Anneberg

In the end of augusti 2014 the digging and preperation to build the concrete slab to start. The ground where the house and garage is going to be placed is a old agricultural land. It was pretty easy to dig up the ground for the Tegneby Åkeri, no big rocks and other stuff that takes time to get rid off. About 40 centimeter deep into the ground was needed to dig to have a stable ground to build the foundation for the concrete slab.

Pictures of the digging to finished concrete slab



Site summer

Site for the upcoming Villa Anneberg

This is the site where we are going to build the Villa Anneberg. The site is about 1200 square meters. Below is three pictures taken from the same spot in different time of the year under 2014. The first one is shoot in the winter, the second in the spring and the third is taken in summer.

Pictures of the site

BMW Connected drive with go pro app

BMW ConnectedDrive with GoPro app camera integration

This is the bmw connecteddrive with the gopro camera integration. The BMW in the movie is a BMW 530 xdrive msport f11 with the go pro hero 3 black edition camera mounted with the suction cup mount on different spots inside and outside of the car. Everything manouvered with the idrive wheel from the gopro app in BMW connecteddrive. Everything worked really well and was a joy to record with.

BMW 320 dA M-sport Touring E91 177hk -09

BMW 320 dA M-sport Touring E91 177hk 2009

The BMW 320 dA M-sport is the ultimate car for a fun driver experience and still plenty of room for the family and luggage.

  • 2.0 diesel engine 177hk/130kW
  • M-Sport package
  • 19” bmw m performance light-alloy wheels
  • Individual Anthracit interior
  • BMW iDrive Professional
  • bmw m performance front grille black

Technical information about the BMW 320 dA M-sport Touring E91 177hk -09 in swedish  from Bilvision

Complete Package about the the BMW 320 dA M-sport Touring E91 177hk -09 in swedish

BMW 320 dA M-sport Touring E91 177hk 2009 Gallery

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