Final result of the garden project for Villa Anneberg

In the end of autumn 2015 the garden project finally became finished, the final result was really nice and is close to the concept drawings  made back in 2014 (se concept drawings below).

For now I’m gonna take a vaccation from the woodwork for a couple of months, some projects are spared until next summer as the remaining part with patio/pergola, plants and fence.

Gallery of final result of the garden project

Trees and Shrubs planted

In the beginning of the autumn, mid september here i Linköping, Sweden it was time to plant some trees and shrubs.

We planted four different trees and 500 pieces of hornbeam (Latin: Carpinus betulus) shrubs.

The trees was about 2 metres and about four-five years old. The hornbeam shrubs was around 1,5 metres and 1,5 years. They come planted in 5.5 litres pots with a bamboo staff to support them when planted in the soil.

Now its time to wait and hope the the trees and shrubs grow big and strong until next summer.

Trees and Shrubs gallery

Husqvarna automower 310 robot mower installed

In the end of summer it was time to install and test out the Husqvarna automower 310. A quick installation of the cable and recharge of the batteries the Husqvarna automower 310 went out to cut the lawn like a golf course. After a couple of days the lawn was nice and even cut.

Paving stones finally fininshed

Finally the area of 200 squarmeeter paving stones has been laid out, round lines cut out and joint together with 25 sacks ~ 500kg Lithomex joint sand.

First step was to lay out all of the remaning benders fantasi stones.

Second step was to measure out the center for the cirles, then we draw out a circle line from the center onto the benders fantasi stones.

Third step was sawing with a engine driven concrete saw. In a couple of hours we had cut out round lines in the paving stones and the final result looked really well.

And fourth and last step was to joint up the paving stones together with joint sand. We used about 25 sacks and 500kg of Lithomex easy joint sand to joint up all of the paving stones.

Paving stones gallery

Aqvis swimming pool fantasy 24 ready for action

In the end of september we finally managed to mount and fill upp the Aqvis swimming pool fantasy 24. The filter and waterpump is in place and the water is pumping trough the system and is heated with a heat exchanger connected to house long-distance district heating system.

To see that everything worked we heated upp the Aqvis swimming pool fantasy 24with 48m³ water from cold tap water to 30 celcius in a couple of days in the end of september and it drained about 7000kwh of district heating.

Aqvis swimming pool fantasy 24 gallery

Aquispool fantasy pool framework mounted

Pool framework for the upcoming Aquispool fantasy 24 pool is finally mounted together. The pool framework contained of plastic studs mounted together forming the shape of the pool, then bolted to the concrete ground and supported with metall studs on the outside.

When the pool framework was mounted together the process to refill with gravel outside of the pool framework.

Remaining work is to mount the pool liner inside the framework and after that start to fill up with water.

Pictures of the pool framework mounting process

Grass rolled out for lawn

Last week the delivery of 250 square meeter grass on rolls arrived. Before we could roll out the grass we needed to fill up the garden where the lawn should be with plant soil.

After all of the areas where prepared with new fresh plant soil the actual roll out of the grass could begin, it took about one day for 3-4 persons to roll out the lawn.

After the grass was rolled out the watering process could take place, we needed to water the lawn heavy for about 3 hours to get the right amount of water.

Below are some pictures of the process from plant soil to a finished lawn ready to be used.

Gallery of grass rolled out for lawn

Cut out round lines in the concrete paving stones

Today we began to cut out round lines in the paving stones benders fantasi thats going to connect the driveway with the entrance.

First we measured out the center between the driveway and entrance, then we draw out a circle line from the center onto the paving stones.

After that began the actual sawing place with a engine driven concrete saw. In a couple of hours we had cut out round lines in the paving stones and the final result looked really well.

Finally you can start to see how the final garden goings to look.

Gallery of the cut out round lines in the concrete paving stones

Paving stone in front of house

Today the paving stone in front of the house was laid out, remaining work is to cut out the round radius of the half circles thats going to be in the pavings between driveway and entrance.

It feels good to see how the final results is going to look and next week the hole pavings surrendering the house and garage are going to be finished.

We also ordered 5 cubic meter of Benders Orlando grafit color last week that got delivered yesterday, those paving stones are going to be laid out around the back and side of the garage. Thats because the robot auto mover could cut the grass perfect all around the garden.

After all paving stones are in place is time to joint up the paving stones together with joint sand. We have about 15 sacks and 300kg of Lithomex easy joint sand laying in the garage waiting to be pured down between the paving stones.

Cast concrete pool ground

Today we had a concrete car delivery from Skanska with 8 cubic meter of concrete and could start cast concrete for the pool ground.

Before pouring in the concrete two workers from the pool company aqvis swimming pool mounted the reinforcement into the pool ground. When the reinforcement was in place the concrete car could pour down the 8 cubic meters of concrete in to the ground and that mixed up well with reinforcement.

One hour later after hard work with digging and shoveling the concrete into correct height the work was completed.

Now starts the Concrete cure process that will last for a couple of days, hopefully can the next step to mount the pool frame take place in the end of this week if the cure process goes well.

Cast concrete pool ground gallery