Kitchen with red mosaic tiles

The carpenter that has worked with the kitchen had almost finished the red mosaic tiles today, finally the kitchen is getting closer to be finished.  It feels a  bit weird to finally see the result after almost 14 months of planning since we started with project in the beginning of winter 2014. Below are some photos of the kitchen from 3d-drawings made with Marbodals kitchen configurator to a almost finished kitchen. The kitchen model name is Form Vit.

Kitchen with red mosaic tiles from 3d-drawing to finish

Porch starting to take place

The porch on front of the house are finally starting to take place, ass seen on the pictures below the porch gonna have a roof over the entrance and be painted in a dark grey color as seen on the last design mockup. The  entrance doors YD106G in red (RAL NCS-S 4550-y80r)  are from Snickar Pär.

Porch pictures

Wallpapered walls and painted roof on upper floor

Today all of the rooms on the upper floor are wallpapered and the roof are painted. Below you can see a little bit of the finished result of the almost finished upper floor of the Villa Anneberg. It looked almost as planned when we made the mockup drawings of all the rooms earlier.

Gallery with pictures of the wallpapered walls and painted roof

Borås wallpapers and Nordsjö colors combinations

Last week we finally ordered the wallpapers and colors for the inside of the house. We made some small changes since the first decision posted on the blog earlier. All of the wall papers are from Borås tapeter and the colors are from Nordsjö färg. For a final personal touch of the upcoming home office i choosed to order a personal photo wall paper from Mr.Perswall, the photo wallpaper is a picture of a snowboarder flying trough the air up in the snow filled mountains. When ever i’m boored I can have a look at this picture and dream myself away. Next week i try to take some photos from inside the house as the upper floor starts to get finished with roof, walls and floor.

Wallpaper and color pictures

Kitchen framework starting to take place

Finally some of the kitchen from Marbodal starting to take place, it’s fun to see how the real shape of the kitchen taking place from just been seeing 3D rendered pictures earlier. Coming weeks the kitchen and appliance is going to be mounted together. i’m really looking forward to cook Sunday dinners here in the future and enjoy good times with friend and family.

Kitchen pictures from 3D renderings to real finished kitchen

Wall paper and interior colors

We are finally starting to complete the process to choose wallpapers and interior colors for all of the rooms inside the house.  All of the wallpapers come from Borås Tapeter and the color are from Norsjö. It hasn’t been the easiest work to choose from a catalogue of different wall papers, but Borås had a nice configurator where you could configure a room with wall papers and see how the colors and patterns look together.

We have finally choose the following combination for each room:

Drywalled rooms are now finished

The last couple of days all rooms hav been drywalled, now you actually get a feeling of how the house is going to feel inside. Whats remains now is to spackle all of the drywalls and roof. Thats a real dusty job for the carpenter to handle :)

Gallery with drywalled rooms from inside the villa anneberg

Interior walls and electricity wiring

Under the last month the interior walls and electricity/network cables  have been mounted to the house. Now you actually start to get a little feeling of how the house is going to look inside with the layout of rooms, doors, windows and walls.

Below are some photos inside and outside of the Villa Anneberg house.