Home cinema room build finished

The Home cinema room is finally finished and have been initiated with some movies and game play. Below are some pictures from start to scratch of the Home cinema room building project.

The room gets really dark and its almos as a real cinema when the blinds are pulled down and the curtains are pulled together.

The home cinema system consist of a Benq W1350 projector (fullHD 1080p & 3D), 108″ motorized projection screen, PS4 and Yamaha  RX-V475 receiver and 5.1 Yamaha NS surround speakers.

Gallery of the Home Cinema

House painting with dark s8500-n color

Today we began to paint the house with the dark color s8500n. It tooked over 150 litres with tree layer color to get the house and garage coverd enough. Two painters painted the house within tree weeks with full work time, aproximate 160 hours total to get the job done.

House painting gallery

Webkings new office

Webkings new office is now ready. I’ve decorated the office with some cool and personal stuff as a laser cut styrofoam sign with the Webking logotype. A photo wall paper from Mr.Perswall with a picture of a snowboarder flying trough the air  doing a big back side air with the alps in the background.

Gallery of Webkings new office

Training room

The training room has finally been decorated, a puzzle training carpet have been rolled out on the floor. Training gear consist so far of: kettle bells, foam roller, yoga mat and a pilates ball.

Its enough for some core training like cross fit exercises with your body weight. The foam roller is perfect to loosen up your muscles before and after workout. Especially when I’m running or mountain biking it’s a perfect equipment to have and massage your legs and hips with.

Training room gallery

Holger table and chairs set in the dining area

Holger Matgrupp is the new table and chair combination we have decorated our dining area with. The table is made of lacquered solid / veneered oak with one inserts, and the six chairs are made of  solid oak and a seat in white leather.

Holger kitchen group is a retro dining table in easy care lacquered solid / veneered oak. The table is extended easily with extension leaf of 50 cm included. The six chairs with white leather seats are very comfortable and soft to sit on.

Led light outdoor armature with double projection

This is the led light armature we decided to mount on the house and garage, a total of twelve armatures are mounted on the outdoor walls.

Each armature has a two LED lamps, one pointing upwards and the other downwards. All of the 12 armature are paired with a astronomical programmable time switch that automatically adjusts the set time along with seasonal variation to control ON/OFF for outdoor lighting. Its almost as perfect as it can be, low energy consumtion thanks to the LED lamps and a lighted house when ever the sun sets.

Led light outdoor armature gallery

Office with snowboard photo wallpaper

This is the future home office for myself and my company Webking. Because of my personal love for extreme-sport and snowboard I had to make something extra out of this room that reminds me of what life is all about. I ordered a snowboard photo wallpaper from Mr.Perswall  printed from a high resolution photo of a snowboarder flying in the snow with mountains in the background. Everytime i watch this photo wall i’m gonna get reminded of what life is really about:

Work to live don’t live to work

 Snowboard photo wallpaper

snowboard photo wallpaper
snowboard photo wallpaper

Finished hall with wind rose and oak staircase

The hall is now finished  and all of the different materials matched up really well. The dark clinker floor with the wind rose from konradsson kakel, the borosan easy up 14 wallpaper , the oak staircase and the dimming led light spots.

Finished hall gallery

Finished kitchen ready to use

The kitchen is finally finished and ready to get used. Below are a pictures of the whole process from idea to a finished kitchen. The kitchen is from Marbodal and fridge, freezer, owen, microwave and dishwasher is from Samsung.  All of the kitchen appliance is in metal graphite. Now its time to move in all the furniture and cook some food :)

From idea to a finished kitchen