Month: June 2011

  • Pizza Prank

    Prank with to a friend. Ali from the pizzeria calls and want to get paid.

  • Listen to your heart

    You must listen to your heart and follow it or it will find a million ways to remind you that there is always something missing. – Listen to your heart

  • Twin house in Hovsta, Örebro

    Twin house in Hovsta, Örebro

    This is the twin house in Örebro where I used to live. The house has been a kinedergarten earlier and was in need of some real reparation before it was ready to move in to. Here are some photos of how it looked before and after the renovation of the inside of the house autumn 2010.

  • KTM 690 mini led indicator modification

    KTM 690 mini led indicator modification

    I have replaced the original led indicators on the rear on my KTM 690 SMC and replaced them with mini led indicators, mainly because the original indicators are big and clumpsy.

  • KTM 690 airbox modification

    KTM 690 airbox modification

    The original airbox cover is close and doesn’t let the amount of air in to the engine as needed. Espesially if you are you using a trim exhaust system and a different engine mapping.

  • BMW 320d M-sport interior and exterior

    BMW 320d M-sport interior and exterior

    When i bought the BMW 320d from fabric i choose some M-sport accessories as a M-sport steering wheel and gearknob.

  • BMW 320d tinted windows

    I recently decided to tint the windows on my BMW 320d to give some extra privacy and keep the heat down inside the car. I used three different darkness of the window film.