Pizza Prank

Prank with to a friend. Ali from the pizzeria calls and want to get paid….

Listen to your heart

You must listen to your heart and follow it or it will find a million ways to remind you that there is always something missing. – Listen to your heart

BMW 320d M-sport interior and exterior

BMW 320d tinted windows

I recently decided to tint the windows on my BMW 320d to give some extra privacy and keep the heat down inside the car. Especially for my little dog who has to stay in the back of the car in warm & sunny days. And its a plus that I personal think that blacked out windows look fantastic.

I decided to tint all of the windows beside the front window, to give a nice and smooth darkness from the back to the front I used three different darkness of the window film. I choose a window film from SunGuard called Omega.

For the backtrunk window i used a Omega 90 film, for the back side windows I used Omega 80% film and for the driver and passanger windows I used a Omega 70 film.

Se pictures below for how the result looked afterwards and give a comment if you like.