The garden and patio

Garden in Hovsta, Örebro

Summer 2011 I decided to make the garden outside my twin house a nice place to be in and enjoy summer days/nights on.

I decided to put a hedge of thuja brabant plants along the ground border tho get a nice insight and noice protection from the roads that goes around the house.

For the patio I decided to build a wooden deck at 36 square meters built by impregnated wood that could resist weather, water and the wear and tear for many years ahead.

To get a extra wind and insight protection around the patio I decided to build a insight/wind fence at the short sides of the wooden deck, I choose to use a regular tree that we painted whit a white outdoor color.

Bellow are some pictures from before and after the garden project.





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  1. Christoffer Lette Avatar
    Christoffer Lette

    Just stopping by to say that that looks really, really nice. Well done! I’m sure this summer – and plenty more! – will be so much more enjoyable with your new and lovely patio.

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