Lounge project

This is the lougne designed to have a good time and relax while you have a glass of whiskey and listening to your favorite music, watching a good movie or playing a action filled xbox 360 games with your friends.


  • 42″ plasma tv HD-rady
  • Reciever 5.1 dolby digital
  • Yamaha NS series of surround speakers (NS 555, NS-C444, NS-333)
  • Xbox 360 elite (iXtreme firmware flashed to play all games)
  • HTPC (Home Theater PC)
  • Kameleon On For All
  • Logitech dinovo edge
  • Dreambox optibox 50001C (with all comhem channel of course)
  • Sofa (Ekeskog)
  • Armchair with built in footstool


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