Inside cabinet

Mini web server cabinet

This is a file & web-server that i have built to fit into an ikea effektiv effektiv cabinet. I needed a server in the office but i couldn’t stand to have another computer around buzzing all day long. so that’s how i came up with the idea of hiding the server in one of our ikea effektiv cabinets we already have in our office.

Hardware spec:
CPU: AMD Sempron 3000
Ram: 2Gb (2x1024mb) 333 Mhz DDR
Hdd: 2×250 Gb IDE
Powersupply: 500W
Fans: 1x120mm ADDA 15,8 Dba, 5x90mm ADDA 15Dba
Chassie: Chieftec Lbx
DVD: LG dvd+R DL





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