Result of paving stones joint up with lithomes joint sand

Paving stones finally fininshed

Finally the area of 200 squarmeeter paving stones has been laid out, round lines cut out and joint together with 25 sacks ~ 500kg Lithomex joint sand.

First step was to lay out all of the remaning benders fantasi stones.

Second step was to measure out the center for the cirles, then we draw out a circle line from the center onto the benders fantasi stones.

Third step was sawing with a engine driven concrete saw. In a couple of hours we had cut out round lines in the paving stones and the final result looked really well.

And fourth and last step was to joint up the paving stones together with joint sand. We used about 25 sacks and 500kg of Lithomex easy joint sand to joint up all of the paving stones.

Paving stones gallery






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