First stage of the pation finished

Wooden patio build

Under the last week the building of the patio has been taking place. It’s the first step of the patio, the second step is going to be built later when the swimming pool has been finished.

As you can se on the concept picture below we gonna can connect the patio with the pools framework, thats has to be done later when the pool is in place.

All of the timber and screws are delivered from the local beijerbygg shop in Linköping. The support and fast delivery is outstanding. beijerbygg also has a really good patio configurator you can use on their webbpage that calculates the correct amount of timber, screws and other stuff you gonna need. If you ever gonna build a patio or wooden deck i would recomend their web based configurator 

The size of the first step is 4,9m x 11m ~ 54m², below you can find some of the stages trough the build of the first step.

Gallery of patio first step build






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