NORTH Explorer Low

NORTH Explorer Low trampoline

As we also wanted to have some fun and jump around in the garden we decided to build in a North Explorer Low trampoline in the garden as we already had a excavator in the garden for some other work that was ongoing.

We found a nice NORTH Explorer Low trampoline that had got good test result and reviews on the market in  sweden 2015.

We dug a hole that was 6 meter x 4 meter, placed a drainage hose, ground cloth and grit and packed it with a vibratory plate. Then we mounted the North Explorer Low trampoline together and placed the legs of the frame on 40x40cm concrete ground stones to distribute the weight and pressure on the gravel below.

Below are some build pictures of the procedure that took almost one day to complete.

The final result is a first class trampoline that is a bit more discrete when it is underground and hopefully we gonna enjoy the North Explorer Low trampoline many years to come.

NORTH Explorer Low trampoline building gallery

NORTH Explorer Low trampoline jumping






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