Here you can read about my different projects, view images and videos I’ve made. If you want to get in contact with me you can you use any of the social media you prefer from the sidebar menu.

  • Adventure Days 2010

    Adventure Days 2010

    Over 500 participants gathered at the weekend in Säfsen to take part of the second edition of Adventure Days. The weather was perfect with just enough rain to keep the roads free from dust.

  • Winner of Kingmountains photo contest

    Winner of Kingmountains photo contest

    I managed to shot a fantastic photo of this year seasons watersurf competition in Kungsberget and managed to win the photcontest.  

  • BMW 320d touring – 2010

    BMW 320d touring – 2010

    This is the latest of my motorvehicle, i ordered/configured the car from the specification below.

  • Snow & Dust

    Snow & Dust

    My part in Snow & Dust, a extreme sport movie with skiing, snowboarding, supermoto, cross and snowmobile riding produced by

  • Lounge project

    Lounge project

    This is the lougne designed to have a good time and relax while you have a glass of whiskey and listening to your favorite music, watching a good movie or playing a action filled xbox 360 games with your friends. Hardware: 42″ plasma tv HD-rady Reciever 5.1 dolby digital Yamaha NS series of surround speakers (NS 555, […]

  • Life moto

    You only live once, so do everything you ever wanted to do before you are to old and regrets.

  • 2D Autocad parametric solid modeling

    2D Autocad parametric solid modeling

    This is some drawings made in Autocad and 2D parametric solid modeling.

  • Husaberg 650e supermotard / enduro  2001

    Husaberg 650e supermotard / enduro 2001

    Supermoto kit when riding on street and asphalt: 17″ supermoto rims with Michelin Pilot tires Supermoto plastic kit with graphics Crashpuck front and rear wheel axels. Enduro kit when riding offroad & in the woods: 21″/18″ Excel wheels with Michelin Competition tires Enduro plastic front kit Mini led brakelight and indicators. Trailtech Vector speedometer, […]

  • 3d parametric modeling

    3d parametric modeling

    Here you can view, read and viev some of my models that I have made under my 3D modeling projects.

  • Mini web server cabinet

    Mini web server cabinet

    This is a file & web-server that i have built to fit into an ikea effektiv effektiv cabinet. I needed a server in the office but i couldn’t stand to have another computer around buzzing all day long. so that’s how i came up with the idea of hiding the server in one of our ikea effektiv cabinets we already have in our office.

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