Paving stone in front house

Paving stone in front of house

Today the paving stone in front of the house was laid out, remaining work is to cut out the round radius of the half circles thats going to be in the pavings between driveway and entrance.

It feels good to see how the final results is going to look and next week the hole pavings surrendering the house and garage are going to be finished.

We also ordered 5 cubic meter of Benders Orlando grafit color last week that got delivered yesterday, those paving stones are going to be laid out around the back and side of the garage. Thats because the robot auto mover could cut the grass perfect all around the garden.

After all paving stones are in place is time to joint up the paving stones together with joint sand. We have about 15 sacks and 300kg of Lithomex easy joint sand laying in the garage waiting to be pured down between the paving stones.






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