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  • Cut out round lines in the concrete paving stones

    Cut out round lines in the concrete paving stones

    Today we began to cut out round lines in the paving stones benders fantasi thats going to connect the driveway with the entrance. First we measured out the center between the driveway and entrance, then we draw out a circle line from the center onto the paving stones. After that began the actual sawing place […]

  • Paving stone in front of house

    Paving stone in front of house

    Today the paving stone in front of the house was laid out, remaining work is to cut out the round radius of the half circles thats going to be in the pavings between driveway and entrance. It feels good to see how the final results is going to look and next week the hole pavings […]

  • Preparation for pavers completed

    Preparation for pavers completed

    After a week of preparatory work to level the ground, pulling electric and water lines as well pack up with gravel and stone dust the groundwork is finally finished to lay out the ground stone. Now it’s just to wait for the delivery of 200 square meters of Bender fantasy antique, the driveway and the great […]

  • Preparation for paving

    Preparation for paving

    Detailed planning was started with the aisles, driveway, lawn and cultivation area was marked out using spray paint. To get to the symmetrically round surfaces we used a string clamped in the center of the circles. Correct dimensions and radius of the circles we could measure out with the help of the drawings we have […]