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  • Preparation for pavers completed

    Preparation for pavers completed

    After a week of preparatory work to level the ground, pulling electric and water lines as well pack up with gravel and stone dust the groundwork is finally finished to lay out the ground stone. Now it’s just to wait for the delivery of 200 square meters of Bender fantasy antique, the driveway and the great […]

  • Groove planning for upcoming garden

    Groove planning for upcoming garden

    The summer has finally arrived and with that its time to take care of the garden projects that have been paused until the right time and weather. The first step was to level off the ground around the house. As you can se we had some problems that the rain water gathered in small areas […]

  • Garden in Hovsta, Örebro

    Garden in Hovsta, Örebro

    Summer 2011 I decided to make the garden outside my twin house a nice place to be in and enjoy summer days/nights on.