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  • Cast concrete pool ground

    Cast concrete pool ground

    Today we had a concrete car delivery from Skanska with 8 cubic meter of concrete and could start cast concrete for the pool ground.

  • House and garage pavers completed

    House and garage pavers completed

    Today the house and garage pavers where finished, in this area we used Benders Fantasi in grey color, this paving stone is a bit brighter then the greymix color we used on the driveway. My little son helped out with his stiga roadracer for a little while as the paving stone dealer. But he did become […]

  • Excavation for the aqvis fantasy pool

    Excavation for the aqvis fantasy pool

    This week the excavation for the upcoming swimming pool started. It took almost three days to dig out the hole and prepare the pool bottom with drainage and packed gravel.

  • NORTH Explorer Low trampoline

    NORTH Explorer Low trampoline

    As we also wanted to have some fun and jump around in the garden we decided to build in a North Explorer Low trampoline in the garden as we already had a excavator in the garden for some other work that was ongoing. We found a nice NORTH Explorer Low trampoline that had got good test […]

  • Paver driveway finished and ready to use

    Paver driveway finished and ready to use

    Today the paver driveway went finished, it took us about a week to lay out all of the benders fantasi ground stones. It was pretty complicated to place out the Bender Fantasy stones in correct pattern as no instruction how to place the stones exist from Benders. Remaining work is to lock in the pavers […]

  • Beginning of the pavers with benders fantasy

    Beginning of the pavers with benders fantasy

    Yester day the delivery of the 200m² Benders Fantasy ground stone in color graymix and grey arrived. It took the truck three rounds from the warehouse to delivery every pallet out to us. Now are the hole garden filled up with pallets of benders fantasy ground stone. Truck delivery of benders fantasi ground stone   […]

  • Double garage with remote controlled doors

    Double garage with remote controlled doors

    A warm garage with place for two cars, storage areas, a bench for mechanical work and a bar table with chairs and a fridge

  • Preparation for pavers completed

    Preparation for pavers completed

    After a week of preparatory work to level the ground, pulling electric and water lines as well pack up with gravel and stone dust the groundwork is finally finished to lay out the ground stone. Now it’s just to wait for the delivery of 200 square meters of Bender fantasy antique, the driveway and the great […]

  • Wooden patio build

    Wooden patio build

    Under the last week the building of the patio has been taking place. It’s the first step of the patio, the second step is going to be built later when the swimming pool has been finished.

  • Preparation for paving

    Preparation for paving

    Detailed planning was started with the aisles, driveway, lawn and cultivation area was marked out using spray paint. To get to the symmetrically round surfaces we used a string clamped in the center of the circles. Correct dimensions and radius of the circles we could measure out with the help of the drawings we have […]